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California Fair Services Authority (CFSA) is a joint powers authority (JPA) created specifically to manage and administer workers’ compensation, general liability, and special events risk pools, and related services especially for California fairs. Since our formation in 1986, as our member fairs’ needs have grown, so has the depth and the scope of our service offerings. Today, along with our full-service risk control program and in-house claims handling, CFSA also provides accounting, payroll, and benefit administration services.

A large part of our responsibility as a risk pool manager is to help pool members and participants maintain fairgrounds that are safe for employees and visitors alike. We do this with a comprehensive, year-round risk-control program featuring mobile equipment certifications, employee training, and onsite facility review programs, and Title 8 Cal/OSHA workplace safety program development.

CFSA is member driven! By working together, we can make opportunity happen!

Staff Directory

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Rebecca Desmond
Executive Director 
Phone: (916) 263-6161
Email: [email protected]

John Quiroz
Deputy Executive Director
Phone: (916) 263-6180
Email: [email protected]

Angie Cha
Office-Communications Coordinator
Phone: (916) 263-6187
Email: [email protected]


Mario Castagnola
Risk Analyst

Mario uses his years of risk-control specialist experience to assist with the reviewing of member fair contracts for insurance compliance. He also maintains and publishes the Master Insurance List of vendors and carnivals serving the California fair industry. Mario can also issue certificates of coverage for our member fairs.

Phone: (916) 263-6145
Email: [email protected]

Lesly Wade
Risk Control Supervisor

A Certified Safety Management Specialist, Lesly conducts risk control and event safety inspections, with specialties that include CPR/First Aid training and lift truck operator certification. She is also a certified Aerial Lift trainer. As CFSA’s Risk Control Supervisor, Lesly assists in the oversight of risk control operations and along with the Executive Director, is responsible for the training and professional development of the risk control team.

Phone: (916) 832-6178
Email: [email protected]

Jerome Coelho
Risk Control Specialist I

Jerome brings many years of fair industry and safety experience to CFSA. His responsibilities include risk control inspections, safety program development and safety training. 

Phone: (916) 820-3334
Email: [email protected]

Anh Thu Ma
Risk Control Specialist Trainee

Phone: (916) 837-5443
Email: [email protected]

Cindy Hehner
Workers’ Compensation Claims Administrator

Cindy is responsible for all aspects of workers’ compensation claims handling including investigation, compensability determination and litigation management.

Phone: (916) 263-6172
Email: [email protected]

MeChell Parrish
Workers’ Compensation Claims Examiner / System Administrator

MeChell works with Workers’ Compensation claims as well as serving as our claims system administrator. 

Phone: (916) 263-6175
Email: [email protected]

Nancy Xiong
Workers’ Compensation Claims Clerk

Nancy provides specialized clerical support involving all aspects of the Workers’ Compensation claims handling process.

Phone: (916) 921-2213
Email: [email protected]

Eugene Chang
General Liability Claims Administrator

Eugene is responsible for all aspects of general liability claims handling including incident investigations and litigation management.

Phone: (916) 263-6171
Email: [email protected]

Kristen Fryer
Risk Analyst

Kristen assists members with Special Events program control numbers and quotes.

Phone: (916) 263-6174
Email: [email protected]


Raechelle Gibbons
Chief Financial Officer

Raechelle works with CFSA’s executive director to manage the overall direction, coordination and evaluation of CFSA’s financial operations. She is also responsible for the oversight of CFSA’s Financial Services programs and annual audits for CFSA and CFSA clients.

Phone: (916) 263-6143
Email: [email protected]

Renee Yi
Accounting Administrator

Renee oversees and supervises the Accounting Services, PayNet and FlexNet programs. Renee also provides general oversight for the day-to-day activities of the Finance Department.

Phone: (916) 263-6158
Email: [email protected]

May Xyong
Accountant Supervisor

May supervises members of the Finance Departments’ account clerk team, in addition to providing accounting services for CFSA’s fair clients, including bank reconciliations, journal entries, general accounting reconciliations, and financial reporting.

Phone: (916) 263-6146
Email: [email protected]

Martha Manriquez
Account Clerk

Martha assists fairs with essential daily bookkeeping functions such as accounts receivable, accounts payable and payroll services. She also processes and maintains DAA-fair employee benefit programs.

Phone: (916) 263-6142
Email: [email protected]

Mayger Yang
Account Technician

In addition to assisting fairs with their accounts receivable, accounts payable and payroll services, Mayger also processes and maintains CFSA’s accounts receivable and billings.

Phone: (916) 263-6157
Email: [email protected]

Tyler Banuelos
Account Technician

Phone: (916) 263-6144
Email: [email protected]

Youngsook Shon
Account Clerk

Phone: (916) 263-6191
Email: [email protected]

Veronica Ceballos
Account Technician

Phone: (916) 263-6141
Email: [email protected]

Sharon Smith

Phone: (916) 263-6162
Email: [email protected]

Board of Directors


CFSA is governed by a seven-member board of directors. Five members are elected from within the California Fair Classification system with two members representing Class 1 and 2 Fairs, two members representing Class 3 through 7 fairs, and one at large position that rotates each four-year term between the two classification groups. There is also one member representing the Secretary of the California Department of Food & Agriculture and one public member appointed by the CFSA board.

Current Board

Chair, Laurie Giannini, CEO, Calaveras County Fair (39th DAA)
Vice Chair, Kim Floyd, CEO, Del Norte County Fair (41st DAA)
Tom Mitchell, CEO, Madera District Fair (21-A DAA)
Chip Holloway, CEO, Desert Empire Fair (53rd DAA)
Nancy Sites, CEO, Tulelake-Butte Valley Fair (10A DAA)
Mike Francesconi, Branch Chief, CDFA Branch of Fairs & Expositions
Michael Kielty, Public Member

Mission Statement

CFSA delivers efficient, cost-effective risk management, insurance and business solutions through a flexible, responsive alliance with our members.

CFSA Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Dependability
  • Expertise
  • Communication
  • Excellence in Service
  • Collaboration
  • Innovation
  • Team Culture/Environment
  • Professional Development
  • Success
  • JPA Financial Stability
  • Member Satisfaction
  • Accountability
  • Adaptability
  • Succession Planning
  • Employee Retention
  • Fun

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