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WC Pool Member News: Revisions of the Workers’ Compensation Claim Form and the Time of Hire Facts About Workers’ Compensation Pamphlet are in the Mail

By now you should have received a supply of two newly revised Workers’ Compensation forms from Steve Kushida, CFSA’s workers’ compensation administrator: the Workers’ Compensation Claim form (DWC-1) and the Time of Hire pamphlet now entitled Facts About Workers’ Compensation.

If your fair is a member of CFSA’s Workers’ Compensation pool program and you have not received your new forms or if you would like additional copies, please contact Steve at or at (916) 263-6172.


Welcome to CFSA’s New Website!

For the past few months we’ve been hard at work refreshing our website that was beginning (some would say more than “beginning”) to look a bit out of date.  But not any more! We added a more news-oriented Home Page, a Members Only section, a News and Events blog, and have plans to add an online version of the Red Book, among other time-saving conveniences down the road. We also have a new mobile-friendly version. What you’re looking at today, is our “soft” launch. Some pages still need to be added and I’m sure a few bugs will need to be exterminated in the upcoming weeks as well. If you find a link that’s not working or if you can’t find a certain piece of information, please let me know. This site is for you – our valued members! Melissa, CFSA Web-ista