Program Development

Going hand-in-hand with our risk sharing pool programs is our responsibility to help pool members identify and prevent potential fairground and workplace accidents before they happen. We do this with a team of certified risk control experts who spend the majority of their year working one-on-one with fair management and fair staff inspecting fairground facilities; providing focused, proactive staff training and equipment certification courses; and to ensure your fair is compliant with California’s safety requirements, Title 8 Cal/OSHA Workplace Safety Program Development. Does your fair have written Hazard Communication Standards or an up-to-date ┬áInjury & Illness Prevention Program? Be proactive; be prepared.

Find out more about the risk control program development resources available to you from your fair’s CFSA risk control specialist or by contacting CFSA’s Risk Department manager, Tom Amberson, (916) 263-6180 or