Risk Control Services

CFSA’s Risk Control Team Serves the Fairs as Advisors, Consultants, and Educators

Playing a pivotal role in California Fair Services Authority’s (CFSA’s) Risk Management program, our Risk Control team works year-round helping fairs/fairgrounds identify health and safety maintenance needs and by educating fair staff on accident prevention.

We do this through a detailed safety program that includes CPR/First Aid, forklift and boom lift operator certification programs, individualized fairtime inspections, facility safety inspections, specialized workplace safety program development and consultations, and by helping fairs stay in compliance with state mandated Cal/OSHA safety programs – all at no extra cost to members of CFSA’s risk-sharing pools. (The risk control services your fair receives at no charge are determined by your fair’s pool memberships. If your fair isn’t a pool member, all services are available on a fee for service basis. Take a look.)

For more information about our Risk Control services or to set up a fair/fairground visit, please contact your fair’s safety specialist or our Risk Department Manager, Tom Amberson at tamberson@cfsa.org or (916) 263-6180.