Financial FAQs

Frequently Asked Fair Accounting and Payroll Related Questions

Q. How do I enroll in the 401k/457 deferred compensation program?
A. Enrolling in the Savings Plus Program is as easy as filling out an Enrollment Agreement. You can download the agreement from the Savings Plus website, or talk to a Savings Plus representative at 1-(855) 616-4776. Send a copy of new employee deferral information to: Raechelle Gibboms at CFSA, Questions? Call (916) 263-6143.

Q. When can I take out retirement funds that have been invested in the PST (part-time, seasonal, temporary) Employee Retirement Plan?
A. You can retrieve them once you’ve permanently separated from all state employment.

Q. How do I withdraw my PST funds once I’ve retired or left state employment?
A. You need to complete a PST Retirement Plan Benefit Payment Application (STD 951) and mail it to the Savings Plus Program office at: 1515 S Street, North Building, Suite 108, Sacramento, CA 95814-7243. You can pick up the form from your personnel office or by calling the Savings Plus office at 1-(855) 616-4776.

Q. Who do I call at CFSA if I have any problems with the Activity software?
A. Please contact Kevin Wright at (916) 263-6187 or

Q. Have a question we didn’t answer here?
A. Contact Raechelle Gibbons, CFSA controller, or (916) 263-6143.