Need an Extra Hand in your Fair’s Business Office? Hire CFSA!

Wish you could find someone who knows the fair business to handle your fair’s payroll including quarterly and annual tax reports, or to help your office staff with some of the other essential, but time-consuming accounting tasks they deal with every day? Talk to us about our PayNet, AccountNet and FlexNet services!

PayNet (payroll) and AccountNet (accounting) are extremely flexible – you pay only for the help you need, adding or subtracting services as your fair’s needs grow or change.

The same flexibility applies to FlexNet too. This program gives your staff access to nQativ software housed on CFSA’s secure network server. Choose the nQativ accounting modules you’d like to use: general ledger, bank reconciliation, accounts payable, payroll, payroll printing, accounts receivable, fixed assets and purchase order. You’ll pay a low monthly fee per module chosen along with a small per-user fee. If your fair’s needs change during the year, you can adjust the modules and the number of users to match your workload. Remember too, if CFSA handles any of your fair’s accounting needs for you, you do not pay for the associated modules.

Fairs PayNet Payroll Services
With Fairs PayNet, our payroll service, we can provide you with all of the same services as commercial payroll agencies. Because PayNet was developed especially for California’s fairs, we can also accommodate your fair’s specialized needs, including state agency personnel requirements such the Part-time, Temporary, Seasonal (PST) Employee Retirement Program, and deferred compensation calculations and reports.

And, because of CFSA’s joint powers authority structure, we can do all of this for you for a fraction of what a commercial payroll company would cost.

Fairs AccountNet Accounting Services
Fairs AccountNet uses nQativ accounting software to accomplish a variety of essential bookkeeping tasks. The number of services you select determines your monthly fee.

Choose from:

  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Payable
  • Fixed Assets
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Payroll
  • Payroll Import/export (direct deposit)
  • Purchase Orders
  • Human Resources administration (i.e., sick leave, vacation)

And here’s a quick look at some of the FlexNet program’s benefits:

  • Your fair’s data and databases are safely stored on CFSA’s secure network servers.
  • We use the latest cloud-based back up technology to safely store your data.
  • You have access to the most up-to-date versions of nQativ’s software.
  • nQativ modules are ideal for multi-user offices and provide built-in information safeguards such as preventing two people from working on the same file at the same time.
  • Software modules can be tailored to meet your fair’s working style and business requirements.
  • Software modules are fully automated to share information with other modules.
  • CFSA staff will help you with general user questions at no extra charge.

The security and confidentiality of your information is of utmost importance to us. All data keyed into our PayNet,  AccountNet and Flexnet  options or modules is safeguarded against unauthorized access by firewalls, passwords and codes known only to you and your CFSA administrator. In addition, we have daily cloud backup to an off-site server.

If you’d like to know more about PayNet,  AccountNet or FlexNet program options and opportunities, please contact Raechelle Gibbons, CFSA chief , at (916) 263-6143 or

Fairs’ Group Benefit Program for District Agricultural Association Fairs

One area where CFSA is already hard at work is with the Fairs’ Group Benefit Program for district agricultural association fairs.

DAA fair participation in group benefit programs has always been dependent upon having a central collection agency administer their billing and collect premiums. In April 1986, CFSA was designated as the responsible agency for this job.

Currently, CFSA administers the DAA’s FlexElect Program, Vision Service Plan, legal representation, deferred compensation (Savings Plus 401k and 457 plans), basic life (term life insurance), supplemental life, long-term disability, and the PST (part-time, seasonal, temporary) Employee Retirement Plan. Benefit Payment applications are available on the Savings Plus Program website. 

CFSA collects applicable premiums from the DAAs and passes one payment through to each benefit provider. On average, CFSA’s Finance Department handles more than 10,500 employee benefit transactions a year.