Workers’ Compensation Pool Program

Exclusively for California Fairs

No one wants one of their employees, co-workers or themselves, for that matter, to be injured on the job. But should something happen, it’s reassuring to know that nearly every working Californian is protected by workers’ compensation thanks to a law passed by California’s state legislature in 1913. This no-fault insurance, paid for by employers and supervised by the state, guarantees prompt, automatic benefits to workers injured in the workplace.

Please note: The workers’ compensation forms provided on this website are for the use of California fairs/fairgrounds only.

Safety First
Although all of California’s fairgrounds are different in size and operations, there’s a striking similarity in preventable accidents such as slips, trips and falls, and back injuries caused by improper lifting.

As responsible managers of the fairs’ Workers’ Compensation pool, CFSA also provides pool members with the information, resources and training they need to reduce all types of preventable accidents. Should an accident happen despite everyone’s best efforts, CFSA also helps its members by handling claims and arranging benefits.

For more information about CFSA’s Risk Control program, contact CFSA’s Executive Director Rebecca Desmond (916) 263-6161.