Special Events Program Summary of Protection

Under Government Code Section 6516.5, CFSA is authorized to provide Special Events pooled liability protection for lessees, concessionaires, exhibitors and other special events operators using fair facilities for non-hazardous activities. You’ll find program highlights summarized below, and the program’s detailed protections, maximum limits, conditions, limitations and program definitions in the Memorandum Stating the Terms and Conditions of the Special Events Program Administered by the California Fair Services Authority.” A copy of the Memorandum is in your fair’s Red Book (Claims and Loss Reporting Guide) under General Liability, Tab 4, and from CFSA’s Executive Director Rebecca Desmond, (916)263-6161.

Special Events Program Summary of Protection highlights:

  • Protection similar to commercial general liability coverage is available for purchase by users of fair facilities.
  • The State of California, the District Agricultural Association, County Fair, the County in which the County Fair is located, Lessor/Sublessor if fair site is leased/subleased, Citrus Fruit Fair or California Exposition and State Fair, or Entities (public or non-profit) operating California designated agricultural fairs, their agents, directors, officers, servants, and employees are named additional insureds.
  •  Limits are $1,000,000 per occurrence.
  •  Defense costs are included in the limit.
  •  Protection is on an occurrence basis.
  •  Protection applies for dates as shown on the Special Events Coverage Receipt.
  •  If the contract includes set-up or take-down days, these days are covered at no additional charge.
  • Protection for fair users is excess over any other valid and collectable insurance.
  •  Products protection is limited to food and beverage concessionaires.
  •  Protection for liquor liability is available with prior approval and at an additional fee.
  •  There is no protection for automobiles under this program.
  •  There is no protection for athletic participants under this program.
  •  There is no protection for damage to fair facilities under this program.

If you have questions regarding the Special Events Program, or if you would like copies of the 2019 Special Events Program brochure to hand out at your fair (some folding required), please contact Mario Castagnola at (916) 263-6145 or mcastagnola@cfsa.org