Special Events Program Coverage Receipt

CFSA’s Special Events coverage for special events operators and exhibitors is  available for purchase at your fairground!

Is your fairground hosting a special event? When the promoter of an interim event planned for your fairgrounds needs liability coverage, offer the Special Events coverage provided by California Fair Services Authority (CFSA). Our rates are competitive and you can’t beat the convenience – you can sign them up at your fair, right on the spot using either a pre-printed form available from CFSA or the online form, available here. CFSA accepts cash, credit cards,* cashier’s checks and money orders for payment.

Remember, if the covered special events operator has separate exhibitors, a security company or anyone else in addition to themselves, the operator must require proof of liability insurance for each attending person or group.

How to Fill Out a Special Events Coverage Receipt
As mentioned above, you can use the pre-printed Special Events Receipt or the updated (April 2018) online Special Events Receipt form.

After the form is filled out and the fee paid, make sure you provide the purchaser with a copy of the Special Events program’s Evidence of Coverage. It’s also available for print out from a link on the bottom of the online Receipt form.  Note: You’ll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to access the online pdf form. You can download Adobe Reader for free from the Adobe website.

To replenish your supply of pre-printed forms, please contact Mario Castagnola at (916) 263-6145 or at mcastagnola@cfsa.org.

1. Determine the coverage rate from the Special Events Rate Card here or in your Red Book (Claims and Loss Reporting Guide), under General Liability, Tab 4. You may also call Mario Castagnola at CFSA, (916) 263-6145, during regular business hours for immediate information about special rates, classifications, or if you have a question.

2. Collect the required fee from the lessee by credit card,  money order, cashier’s check or certified check, payable to CFSA. Business or personal checks can be accepted; however, if the check is returned to CFSA due to insufficient funds, your fair will be invoiced for the amount of the check plus any associated bank fees.

3. Provide a copy (pre-printed form: white) of the Special Events Coverage Receipt to the lessee. An Evidence of Coverage is available for print out at the bottom of the online form and on the reverse side of the pre-printed receipt for the lessee’s information.

4. Attach a copy of the receipt (pre-printed form: canary yellow) to your fair’s copy of the contract or rental agreement as proof of coverage.

5. Send payment along with two copies (pre-printed: pink and goldenrod) of the receipt to CFSA at least five days before the covered event. Late payments should be called in to Mario Castagnola, (916) 263-6145, for a Control Number.

* CFSA accepts credit card payments through its Easy Pay program. To sign up for the program please contact Mario Castagnola at (916) 263-6145. You can also give him credit card information over the phone.

Please send receipt(s) to:
California Fair Services Authority
Attn: Special Events
1776 Tribute Road, Suite 100
Sacramento, CA 95815

6. If you’re using the pre-printed receipt, CFSA will stamp copy 4 (goldenrod) with the date it was received and return it to your fair for your records.

In addition –

  • At the end of each quarter, a processing reimbursement of 5 percent of your net receipts collected will be returned to you by CFSA if your fair participates in both the General Liability and the Workers’ Compensation pools. This reimbursement is designed to help cover fair staff time spent promoting the coverage and handling the paperwork.
  • Beginning January 2015, fairs not participating in both the CFSA Workers’ Compensation and General Liability pools will be assessed a 5% Special Events Program administration fee.
  • Requests from fairs for refunds on cancelled events will be refunded only if requested in writing on fair letterhead.
  • If a processing fee is charged to the vendor by the fair for participating in this program, the fee must be disclosed as a separate charge. This procedure is discouraged, as it tends to make our rates non-competitive.