Revenue Protection Program: Application Information

Administered by California Fair Services Authority (CFSA), the Revenue Protection Program  is designed to reimburse participating fairs for certain revenue interruption losses, such as extreme weather and unhealthy air quality. Protection can be purchased for annual fairs as well as interim events and extra expenses resulting from a covered occurrence. This is the only program of this type for California’s fairs!

At the beginning of each year, CFSA’s Risk Management team sends Revenue Protection Program letters and applications to every California fair. The letter explains the benefits and coverages of this optional program as well as the application deadline for program participation. If you need an additional copy of the application, please contact Mario Castagnola, CFSA risk analyst, at or at 916/263-6145.

For more information about the Revenue Protection Program, please visit the Revenue Protection Program’s home page. You can also contact Tom Amberson, CFSA’s Risk Department manager, at (916) 263-6180 or