Revenue Protection Program

Snowstorms, temperatures soaring to excessive highs, flash floods, even the far-reaching effects of terrorist attacks on the other side of the country. These are the types of unpredictable “occurrences” that can take a big bite out of your annual fair or covered interim event’s revenue… unless you’re covered by the Revenue Protection Program.

This program, administered by California Fair Services Authority (CFSA), is designed to reimburse participating fairs for certain revenue interruption losses. Protection can be purchased for annual fairs as well as interim events and extra expenses resulting from a covered occurrence.

The program’s responsive fee structure takes a number of different factors into consideration including the level of risk associated with the length of an event: Lower fees are assessed for fairs with fewer days, for example, and higher fees for events that run through multiple weekends.

The “Memorandum Describing the Revenue Protection Program Administered by the California Fair Services Authority” should be used to determine the actual protections, maximum limits, conditions, limitations and definitions for the Program. For a copy of the current Memorandum of Coverage, please contact Tom Amberson, CFSA Risk Department Manager, at (916) 263-6180 or For a more condensed look at the Revenue Protection Program, here’s a Summary of Protection. You’ll also find copies of both documents in your fair’s Red Book (Claims and Loss Reporting Guide).

Program fees are based on the limit of protection desired, with limits available from $50,000 to $500,000 for events with a three-year history. Protection may also be purchased for events with one or two years of revenue history for a higher fee and reduced limits of protection.

For more information about this Program, please contact Mario Castagnola at (916) 263-6145 or