Hazardous Special Events Coverage

Exclusively for California’s Fairs

When your fair is promoting a motorized event, including car or motorcycle races or a demolition derby,  horse show or rodeo, you are required to have general liability coverage, just as would be required of an outside event promoter.

Why do you need additional coverage if your fair is already a CFSA General Liability Pool member? Because the fairs’ pooled liability program isn’t structured, or more crucially, funded, to provide primary coverage for these types of hazardous special events. When the event is commercially covered, however, CFSA can transfer the liability for any accidents to insurance carriers specializing in hazardous activities.

Hazardous Special Events coverage is available for fairtime and interim events, for both CFSA member and nonmember fairs. Coverage cost is determined by the type of event.

For a price quote, please call Tom Amberson, CFSA risk department manager, at (916) 263-6180 or tamberson@cfsa.org.