Summary of Protection

Do you know what coverages you have through the CFSA-managed General Liability Pool Program? For a quick overview, we encourage you to read the Summary of Coverage. For  more detail, follow up the summary with a look at the program’s Certificate of Coverage. Here you will find a deeper look at the fairground-related coverages negotiated by CFSA with pool members’ best interests in mind. The program’s Memorandum of Coverage will give you the broadest look at the program’s coverages.

You’ll find copies of both the Certificate of Coverage and the Memorandum of Coverage (MOC) in your fair’s Red Book (Claims and Loss Reporting Guide) under General Liability, Tab 3.  You can also contact Tom Amberson, CFSA’s Risk Department manager for a copy of your fair’s MOC.  His contact info: or (916) 263-6180.  He’s happy to go through the program’s coverages with you!