General Liability Pool Program Forms


Accident Reports

As soon as possible after an accident/incident has taken place, complete the General Liability Accident Report Form,  save it and then email, fax or mail it to CFSA. It’s also advisable to print out and save a copy for your files. This form is only valid for fairs participating in CFSA’s General Liability pool  program. If you are a law firm or attorney representing a client, please contact Mark Stone, or (916) 263-6171 to discuss the incident.

Note: This form works best when opened and completed in Internet Explorer. If you use Chrome, Edge or another browser, please print out a copy before attempting to save the document. Unfortunately, saving in these other browsers can result in lost data.

Once completed, please email the report to Mario Castagnola, CFSA risk analyst, at He will confirm with you when your information is received. CFSA’s mailing address is on the form; our fax number is (916) 263-6159.

We strongly encourage that the fair employee responsible for completing the Accident Report Form visits the accident/incident site as quickly as possible and that they take a few photos with a camera or cell phone to document the scene and the circumstances that led up to the accident/incident. Hand drawn diagrams with relevant measurements are valuable too. Note anything that seems unusual as well. The more details you can provide to CFSA, the better for all involved.

Serious injuries should be reported immediately by phone to Tom Amberson, CFSA Risk Department manager, (916) 263-6180. After normal business hours, please call (916) 921-2213 for key contact information. Learn more. >


Participant Liability Release Waiver Forms    

Participant Waivers:  English  or  Spanish

CFSA’s General Liability pool program provides protection for participant liability as long as your fair makes a good faith effort to obtain participant liability release and waiver forms from all participants in athletic team; equestrian, motorized, or rodeo events; as well as other hazardous participant activities taking place on your fairgrounds. Make sure every participant signs a waiver form BEFORE being permitted to participate in the event or activity.  For more information about the effectiveness of participant waivers, please read the waivers article in the June 2019 fyi newsletter.

By signing a participant waiver form, the participant is agreeing to assume any and all risks of bodily injury, including death, or property damage that may arise out of the hazardous nature of the event or activity in which they’re participating. You may use either CFSA’s approved Release and Waiver of Liability Agreement form or the form required by the insurance company of the contractor/renter. Learn more. >