Exposure Control Plan


Hello CFSA General Liability Risk Pool Members!

The CFSA team has been hard at work developing the CFSA COVID-19 Exposure Control Plan for all of our members. We know that the level of operations varies at each fairgrounds and our goal was to provide information to cover all situations. Please understand this document is designed to be fluid and will be updated as new information and protocols are released by the CDC, State of California Public Health Department, Cal OSHA, etc.

Included at the bottom of this page are samples of signage that we highly encourage you to post throughout your fairgrounds, even if you only have staff on the grounds. If you are able to have small events such as drive-in movies,  swap meets and livestock grading events, we highly encourage you to place the signs at all points of entry, including parking lots. It is also critical that you document your signage placement, use of waivers, public communications related to COVID-19 warnings to your guests, etc. Included is the long signage language in a PDF as well for easy use in designing your own signs.

The COVID-19 waiver is attached as well. We understand that there are circumstances where the waivers are too cumbersome due to the size of crowds that may be attending an event, but we ask that you use them wherever it is practical. An individual only needs to sign the waiver one time per year and you can maintain a log for guests who may enter your fairgrounds frequently. Please keep copies of all signed waivers for a three-years.

If you have questions on the ECP, signage or waivers, please reach out to your CFSA Risk Control Specialist for assistance.

Everyone at CFSA is rooting for the California Fair Industry and we are here to assist in any way possible!

Please Note: All of the following documents are in PDF form, if you would like a copy in Microsoft Word for editing purposes, please contact your Risk Control Specialist.


CFSA COVID-19 Exposure Control Plan
Release and Waiver of Liability COVID-19
Spanish COVID-19 Release Waiver Form


CFSA Warning Sign Language English/Spanish
Please Stay 6 Feet Apart
COVID-19 Welcome Sign
COVID-19 Warning Sign
COVID-19 Warning Sign Spanish
COVID-19 Symptoms Sign
COVID-19 Mask Sign
COVID-19 Hand Washing Sign