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We may not believe that “conversate” is a real word (regardless of what some music celebrities may think), but at CFSA we do believe in the spirit of conversation and open communication – especially two-way communication.

So, let’s talk! We’re pleased to share information about what’s going on at CFSA, what we’re doing and planning as well as where we’re going, and hope you’ll let us know your thoughts, ideas and what we can do to better help you with the day-to-day operations of your fairs and fairgrounds.

You’ll find us online, here on our website and on Facebook: California Fair Services Authority (CFSA) – there’s a direct link in the blue menu bar below. We’ve also begun to publish a quick look at our accomplishments in a fun, quick-to-read infographic. Here’s a snapshot of 2018.

You’ll find an archive of our news releases and blog posts in News and Events.

We also post copies of our monthly email newsletter (now in its 28th year!), fyi (Fairs Year-round Information). Although we discontinued publishing an annual report in 2010 (to help reduce operations costs), you can read the ones we did publish (up to 2010) in our annual report  archive. If you’d like to sign up for the newsletter, please send an email to Melissa Thurber with your request.

Other documents you may find useful:
CFSA’s Insurance Requirements

And if there’s a particular member of our staff you’d like to contact, we have a convenient staff list as well as a contact list for our board of directors.