Here’s a Tip for nQativ Activity Users – When You Forget Your Activity Password: Three Tries and You’re Out… but Not for Long!


Locked out of your Activity account? After three failed log in attempts, your next step isn’t to call CFSA. Instead, wait 10 minutes and your account will automatically unlock itself. Initiated several years ago, this 10 minute time out was added to defeat spammers who try to crack passwords through repeated hits.

After the 10 minutes have passed, type in your password and you’re in! If you still can’t remember your password, you will need to call Kevin Wright, (916) 263-6187, at CFSA to reset it for you. Your new password must have eight characters of which there needs to be at least ONE CAPITAL LETTER and at least ONE NUMBER. Note: You cannot use more than two consecutive letters from a previous password.

In addition, remember that your Activity password will automatically expire every 90 days. By creating a new password on a regular basis you are helping to protect your account and CFSA’s servers from being hacked!