CFSA Staff Member and Contract Review Service win an Award for Innovation

Join CFSA in Congratulating Lianne Lewellen, Recognized with a CSAC EIA Eagle Award for CFSA’s Innovative Contract Review Service

August 16, 2019 

Now a vital part of CFSA’s successful general liability risk transfer program, the Contract Review Service was developed and managed by Lianne Lewellen for more than 20 years before she retired earlier this year and passed the service’s reins on to Mario Castagnola. Currently back with CFSA a few days a week to work on special projects, Lianne was surprised to learn that not only had she been nominated by CFSA for an EAGLE Award, but that she had won the award for her expert work with the review service. CSAC EIA – California State Association of Counties Excess Insurance Authority – is CFSA’s excess insurance provider.

Created as a value-added benefit for fairs participating in the General Liability pool program, the Contract Review Service enables CFSA to serve as a second set of eyes on certain contracts and certificates of insurance submitted to fairgrounds by promoters and vendors using fairgrounds facilities. By approving the renter’s documents, CFSA is able to provide fairs with the assurance that they are sufficiently protected in the event of an accident or incident involving the renter.

Fairs now submit more than 3,000 contracts and certificates of insurance a year to CFSA for review and approval. Should an error or omission be discovered, CFSA works on the fair’s behalf to correct the issue at no extra cost to the fair.

The CSAC EIA EAGLE (Exemplary Achievement in Government Leadership and Enrichment) Awards Program recognizes an EIA member or its affiliated agency “for the development, management, and/or the implementation of an innovative idea, approach or program that enhances the goals and purposes of risk management within the public sector.” Information about the review service will be shared with other CSAC EIA members, giving Lianne and CFSA recognition for innovative thinking and program performance!

When notified of the award, Lianne said, “I’m truly humbled by this award – it’s been a team effort and with CFSA’s help and support we were able to grow the review service into the innovative and effective program it is today.”

CSAC EIA will present Lianne with her award during its October board meeting in Fish Camp, California. CFSA will be sure to share any photos taken during the awards ceremony!