Staff Directory

California Fair Services Authority
1776 Tribute Road, Suite 100
Sacramento, CA 95815
Phone: (916) 921-2213
Fax: (916) 646-1238


2019 Board of Directors

Stephen J. Kenny, CEO, Butte County Fair, Board chairperson.
Representing fair classifications I and II.
(530) 846-3626

Jack Blyskal, Public Member, Board vice-chairperson.
Jack brings more than 40 years of claim management experience to the CFSA board, including 15 years in public entity/joint powers authority service.

Dan Jacobs, CEO, Antelope Valley Fair
Representing fair classifications III-VII.
(661) 948-6060

Lori Marshall, CEO, Cow Palace Arena & Event Center
Representing fair classifications III-VII.
(415) 404-4100

Michael Olcott, CEO, Kern County Fair
At-large member, representing fair classifications III-VII.
(661) 833-4900

John Quiroz, Branch Chief, CDFA Fairs & Expositions
(916) 900-5025

Jim Wolcott, CEO, Lassen County Fair
Representing fair classifications I and II
(530) 251-8900



Becky Bailey-Findley (Executive Director)
Rebecca Desmond (Deputy Executive Director)
Kevin Wright (Business Services Manager)
Deanna Bongioanni (Receptionist)

Melissa Thurber (Communications)

Raechelle Gibbons (Chief Financial Officer)
Renee Yi (Accounting Administrator)
May Xyong (Accountant Supervisor)
Sam Harrison (Accountant)
Martha Manriquez (Account Clerk)
Mayger Yang (Account Clerk)
Johnny Yang (Account Clerk)

Risk Department:
Tom Amberson (Risk Department Manager)
Lesly Wade (Risk Control Supervisor)
Chandler Wright (Risk Control Specialist)
Bren Ormsby (Risk Control Specialist)
Mario Castagnola (Risk Analyst)
Me’ Chell Parrish (Claims Examiner)
Kristen Fryer (Claims Clerk)

General Liability:
Mark Stone (General Liability Claims Manager)

Workers’ Compensation:
Cindy Hehner (Workers’ Compensation Claims Administrator)


Tom Amberson
Risk Department Manager
Tom oversees the overall risk management program for member fairs, including the General Liability, Workers’ Compensation, Special Events and Risk Control programs. He negotiates, places and procures pooled and commercial insurance coverages for CFSA, member fairs and related agencies, and provides analysis of risk and risk management assistance. In addition, Tom is our liaison with the California Association of Joint Powers Authorities (CAJPA) and other risk-related entities.
Phone: (916) 263-6180
Fax: (916) 263-6159

Becky Bailey-Findley
Executive Director
Becky provides overall executive direction of CFSA’s programs and services. Responsibilities focus on working with our board of directors and member fairs, as well as agencies outside of CFSA, to coordinate issues and operations. Becky is always available for questions or concerns regarding CFSA. She is also the managing director of the California Construction Authority (formerly the California Fairs Financing Authority).
Phone: (916) 263-6160
Fax: (916) 646-1238

Deanna Bongioanni
Receptionist and Support Services 

Deanna provides reception services for the office in addition to support services for our executive director and administrative staff.
Phone: (916) 263-6160
Fax: (916) 646-1238

Mario Castagnola
Risk Analyst
Mario reviews carnival policies and member fair contracts for insurance compliance, issues control numbers and quotes for the Special Events program, assists with the Revenue Protection program, and reviews indemnification language on contracts at the request of member fairs. He also maintains and produces the Master Insurance List of vendors and carnivals serving the California fair industry.
Phone: (916) 263-6145
Fax: (916) 263-6159

Rebecca Desmond
Deputy Executive Director

Rebecca manages the day-to-day operations of CFSA and provides oversight and direction to CFSA’s Finance, Business Services and Communications departments.
Phone: (916) 263-6161
Fax: (916) 646-1238

Kristen Fryer
Claims Clerk
Kristen assists members of the Risk Department with specialized clerical support involving all aspects of the claims handling process in addition to special projects.
Phone: (916) 263-6174
Fax: (916) 263-6159

Raechelle Gibbons
Chief Financial Officer 

Raechelle works with CFSA’s Executive and Deputy Executive directors to manage the overall direction, coordination and evaluation of CFSA’s financial operations. She is also responsible for the oversight of CFSA’s Financial Services programs and annual audits for CFSA and CFSA’s clients.
Phone: (916) 263-6143
Fax: (916) 263-6189

Sam Harrison
Sam provides accounting services for CFSA’s fair clients, including bank reconciliations, journal entries, general accounting reconciliations, and financial reporting.
Phone: (916) 263-6162
Fax: (916) 263-6189

Cindy Hehner
Workers’ Compensation Claims Administrator

Cindy is responsible for all aspects of workers’ compensation claims handling including investigation, compensability determination and litigation management.
Phone: (916) 263-6172
Fax: (916) 263-6159

Martha Manriquez
Account Clerk

Martha supports fair clients with accounts receivable, accounts payable and payroll services. She also processes and maintains employee benefit programs for CFSA clients.
Phone: (916) 263-6142
Fax: (916) 263-6189

Bren Ormsby
Risk Control Specialist
The newest member of the Risk Control Team, Bren brings a diverse background in risk control to CFSA. She is currently earning her Certified Safety Management Specialist designation, along with an Ergonomics certification and her Powered Industrial Trucks (PIT) trainer certification. Upon the completion of her certification training, Bren will provide risk control and event safety inspections, general safety training, and will be responsible for certifying fair staff on PITs.
Phone: (916) 263-6183
Fax: (916) 263-6159

Me’ Chell Parrish
Claims Examiner
Me’ Chell works closely with CFSA’s Workers’ Compensation Claims administrator, assisting with all-aspects of pool member workers’ compensation claims. Responsibilities include claims review, investigation and evaluation, medical management and rehabilitation monitoring, and  staying apprised of defense counsel/case progress.
Phone: (916) 263-6175
Fax: (916) 263-6159

Mark Stone
General Liability Claims Manager
Mark is responsible for all aspects of general liability claims handling including incident investigations and litigation management.
Phone: (916) 263-6171
Fax: (916)  263-6159

Melissa Thurber
Communications Officer/Webmaster

Responsible for all CFSA marketing, multimedia and social media including the fyi newsletter, annual reports, and brochures, Melissa is also the webmaster, strategist and writer for CFSA’s website.
Phone: (916) 263-6163
Fax: (916) 646-1238

Lesly Wade
Risk Control Supervisor

A certified Safety Management Specialist, Lesly conducts risk control and event safety inspections, with specialties that include CPR/First Aid training and Lift Truck operator certification. She is also a certified Aerial Lift trainer. As CFSA’s Risk Control Supervisor, Lesly assists in the oversight of risk control operations and, along with CFSA’s  Risk Department Manager, is responsible for the training and professional development of the Risk Control team.
Phone: (916) 263-6178
Fax: (916) 263-6159

Chandler Wright
Risk Control Specialist
Chandler is a Certified Safety Management Specialist as well as a Certified CPR instructor. His responsibilities include risk control inspections, safety program development and safety training, in addition to aerial and fork lift certifications. Chandler is fluent in Spanish, which has expanded and enhanced CFSA’s risk control training program.
Phone: (916) 263-6140
Fax: (916) 263-6159

Kevin Wright
Manager of Business Services
/Purchasing Services

Kevin oversees contract administration, human resources, IT, purchasing and facility management for CFSA, in addition to CFSA’s Business Services program, including the development of new support services for California’s fairs.
Phone: (916) 263-6187
Fax: (916) 646-1238

May Xyong
Accountant Supervisor
May supervises members of the Finance Departments’ account clerk team, in addition to providing accounting services for CFSA’s fair clients, including bank reconciliations, journal entries, general accounting reconciliations, and financial reporting.
Phone: (916) 263-6146
Fax: (916) 263-6189

Johnny Yang
Account Clerk
Under close supervision, Johnny provides a variety of clerical accounting work of average complexity as a trainee. Performs routine clerical accounting duties on a continuing basis; and related work as required.
Phone: (916) 263-6144
Fax: (916) 263-6189

Mayger Yang 
Account Clerk

In addition to providing fair client support with accounts receivable, accounts payable and payroll services, Mayger processes and maintains CFSA’s accounts receivable and billings.
Phone: (916) 263-6157
Fax: (916) 263-6189

Renee Yi
Accounting Administrator

Renee oversees and supervises CFSA’s Accounting Services program, and the PayNet and FlexNet programs. She also provides general oversight to the day-to-day activities of the Finance Department.
Phone: (916) 263-6158
Fax: (916) 263-6189