Take a Look at CFSA’s Services A to Z

California Fair Services Authority (CFSA) was initially created in 1986 to provide California’s fairs with affordable general liability and workers’ compensation insurance coverage through the management of two risk sharing pool programs created with the fairs’ needs in mind.

In years since, in response to the fairs’ growing needs, we’ve added protection programs including Special Events, Hazardous Special Events and Revenue Protection.

The scope of our Risk Control program now includes comprehensive workplace safety training, equipment certifications, facility inspections and consultations, program development, and customized safety plans that that meet the specific needs of your fairground’s staff and layout. CFSA’s Risk Control specialists can also help you with the occupational workplace health and safety requirements of Cal/OSHA and the state of California.

If your fairground could use some help in the admin office, CFSA provides business support services ranging from payroll and general accounting assistance to strategic planning and director development opportunities.

CFSA Steps Up: In 2011, CFSA’s board of directors voted unanimously to provide administrative services to California Construction Authority (CCA), formerly known as the California Fairs Financing Authority.  A JPA that works exclusively with construction development on California’s fairgrounds, CCA lost all of its funding during the state’s budget cuts. By 2019,  CCA’s hard work combined with CFSA’s guidance, and operational and staffing assistance, enabled the agency to successfully transition itself into a fee-for-service business ready to be back on its own. CCA is currently working on a new website, but in the meantime, you can read about their services from here.

Since opening our doors more than 30 years ago, CFSA’s role within the California fair industry has steadily grown to one of partner, adviser, trainer and supporter. We regularly join the California Construction Authority, Western Fairs Association, the California Fairs Alliance, and CDFA’s Fairs & Expositions Branch on educational conventions, conferences,  CEO orientations, Maintenance Mania, and other events and activities as the opportunity arises. We ♥ California Fairs!

CFSA offers pool program participants:

Risk Sharing Pool Programs

Risk Management and Insurance Assistance

  • Coverages designed for California fair business and operating needs
  • Optional coverages tailored to meet individual fair needs
  • In-house claims administration

Risk Control Services

Business Services