The Benefits of Pool Membership

We understand that the subject of risk pooling is complicated and that explaining it can be challenging. So, in response to requests from our member fairs for resources that could assist them in explaining to their board members how risk pooling works and the numerous benefits of CFSA pool program participation beyond insurance coverage, we developed a packet of information that’s easier to understand on the first pass.

The first document is a detailed explanation of CFSA’s history, our general liability risk
pooling operations, and the benefits of pool participation. In addition, there  are four attachments with specific information about general liability coverage and our Risk Control services, plus a third attachment with clarifications on misperceptions  of CFSA’s programs. The fourth document is a one-page General Liability pool program participation benefit sheet – sort of an executive summary in an abridged format that may be preferred by your fair board.

This packet of information is intended as a handy general reference for your
convenience. The CFSA General Liability Memorandum of Coverage (MOC)  should be used to determine the precise coverages, conditions, limitations and definitions for the CFSA
General Liability Program. The General Liability Memorandum of Coverage can be
found in your Red Book or by contacting CFSA’s Executive Director Rebecca Desmond (916) 263-6161.

CFSA Has Your Fairgrounds Covered! The Benefits of Risk-Pool Membership, 
A Comprehensive Look at the CFSA General Liability Pool Program.

We are currently working on a comparable document for our Workers’ Compensation Pool Program and will post it here as soon as it is finalized.

As always, we are happy to attend one of your board meetings to explain our risk
pools and services in person.

If you have any questions about either the General Liability or the Workers’ Compensation pool programs, or if you would like to have a CFSA staff member to attend your board meeting, please contact CFSA’s Executive Director Rebecca Desmond (916) 263-6161 or

Thank you for your continued participation in CFSA’s General Liability Program! We look forward to a successful 2020 California fair season!