Our Goals

A.¬†In order to serve as responsible and proactive stewards of the members’ self-insurance pools, CFSA will continue appraising and upgrading core pool programs and risk management services¬†with the goal of developing and improving the scope and depth of the self-insurance pools.

B. In order to keep member fairs healthy, strong and financially viable, CFSA will build awareness of high standards of operations, elevate the visibility of best practices, and create and make available tools that develop and improve the ability of fairs to minimize risk and lessen liability exposure.

C. Working on its own and in collaboration with its partners, CFSA will continue to create and to commit resources to professional development and technical assistance programs designed to address the current needs of California fair management, staff and boards of directors.

D. CFSA will assess its current services, upgrading them to keep them relevant to customer needs and addressing fair administrations and operations proficiencies, at all times ensuring that CFSA services are financially sustainable going forward.

E. CFSA will continue to enhance communication efforts, tools and methodologies to better implement strategic programs and services.

F. In respecting the value brought to its members by its employees, CFSA will continue to create and commit resources to all-staff professional development and technical assistance, emphasizing a commitment of support for staff affected by restructure and succession planning.