Construction Services

Whether you have a construction project in mind or one already in progress, the team of experts at California Fairs Financing Authority (CFFA) can help you with every phase, from concept to completion, including required inspections and “what to do when …” advice.

Construction of any size is complex and a busy fairground with year-round activities has numerous needs and ongoing deadlines to accommodate. Having construction professionals who understand the fair business puts you ahead of the game from day one.

In 2011, when California’s fairs lost State funding due to State budget cuts, so did California Fairs Financing Authority. After a restructuring and reorganization of services, CFFA’s team of construction experts now works on a fee for service basis providing Design Development, Construction Development, Bidding Services, and Construction-related Services. Here’s a list of CFFA’s services along with a CFFA Fee Structure.

For more information about how CFFA can help you with your next project, please contact Bryan Eubanks, CFSA construction manager at (916) 263-6121,

CFSA’s Construction Department operates as the California Fairs Financing Authority under an administrative agreement with CFFA.

On a fee-for-service basis, CFFA provides:

•     Full Construction Project Management Services

Concept Development: Develop scope of work

Design Services: Planning, Contracted Services

Plan and Design Review

Architectural Services

Project Planning

Project Administration

Engineering Services

Environmental Services

Code Compliance

ADA Requirements

Contract Services:

RFP/IFB/RFQ bidding services

Award of contract

Contract compliance

Construction compliance (including prevailing wage, unions)

Public bidding

Construction Management

On-site management of contractors

Construction Inspection Services

 Close-out and Reconciliation of Project Services

•      Consulting Services

Prequalified list Award of Contract Consulting Management

•     Environmental Services


Storm water


Hazardous waste management

 •      Other Services

Peer review

Value engineering


Agency interface

Site master planning