Fair Contract Review Service

Who is required to participate: All General Liability self-insurance pool program member fairs are required to submit copies of all non-hazardous contracts over $15,000 to CFSA’s risk analyst for review.

CFSA also reviews hazardous contracts for all District Agricultural Association fairs (DAAs) – pool members and nonmembers – through a contract with the California Department of Food and Agriculture.

In addition, any contract, regardless of dollar amount or type, with indemnification language changes, must also be sent to CFSA for review.

Why is CFSA always reminding the fairs to submit their contracts and certificates of insurance?

Because certificates of insurance that meet CFSA’s Insurance Requirements protect your fair! And, if your fair is a member of CFSA’s General Liability Pool Program, the certificates also protect the pool.

When a certificate does not meet CFSA’s insurance requirements (read the requirements here), we will work on your behalf to correct the incomplete or missing information. Then, should an incident occur on your grounds during an event, the liability shifts to the event’s insurance carrier rather than to your fair or, for pool members, to the General Liability Pool.

How to participate: The review process is easy. Simply email or fax Mario Castagnola – mcastagnola@cfsa.org or (916) 263-6159 – copies of all applicable lease agreements and contracts before they go into effect. Mario will then review the certificates’ language and liability limits to ensure that they meet our insurance requirements. If he discovers missing or incomplete information, he will have it corrected for you by working directly with your insurance company.

If you have any questions about the review process, please contact Mario.

By the numbers: In 2018, California Fair Services Authority (CFSA) reviewed 3,455 fair contracts submitted to California’s fairs by vendors, contractors and others wishing to use a fair’s facilities for hazardous or nonhazardous activities and events. And of these, approximately 25% contained errors that CFSA caught and corrected. The most frequent error? Additional insured language not listed.

The Hazardous and Nonhazardous Activities List  was updated, effective March 3, 2017, as part of the General Liability Program Operating Memorandum #17-01. Read it here. The list includes contract submission requirements and minimum general liability insurance limits.

If you have any questions about CFSA’s contract review service, please contact Mario Castagnola, CFSA risk analyst, mcastagnola@cfsa.org or (916) 263-6145.