The CFSA Red Book

Wow – if “Information is power,” the CFSA Red Book is primed to take over the world!¬† We’re currently doing our annual Red Book update and once that’s complete, we’ll post the entire Red Book online – you’ll find links to each section and each section’s tabs below. We’ll keep you posted on our progress. Our goal is to have the Red Book online by April 1, 2018.

Until then, please refer to your fair’s copy of the Red Book, or contact Lianne Lewellen, (916) 263-6145 with questions.

Thank you!


The Red Book
Claims and Loss Reporting Guide

Workers’ Compensation
General Liability
Risk Control

Workers’ Compensation
Accident Checklist¬† (What to do when there’s a accident involving a fair employee)
Claim Form
Employee’s and Supervisor’s reports
Accident Investigation and Cal/OSHA 300 Log
Form WPP-01 Job Safety Analysis
Cal/OSHA Accident Notification Record
Cal/OSHA Telephone Numbers
OSHA 300 Form
Industrial Disability Leave
Job Displacement Vouchers
Pamphlets and Posters
General Information
Workers’ Compensation Coverage
Community Service Workers and Volunteers

General Liability
Accident Checklist (What to do when there’s an accident involving a fairground visitor or visitor’s property)
Accident Report
General Liability Memorandum
Special Events
Revenue Protection
Pooled Property Protection Program
Insurance Guidelines
Safety Services